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December 2017



December 2017

Hello my friends,

I don’t feel as though it is my choice to lead my workshops. I am employed by the mystery. Some years ago I thought I would retire. My employer let me know it wasn’t up to me. I have to be where I am – on one side connected with the mystery and on the other side here serving you, whoever you are. I’m the go-between; I live and work between you and this mystery into which I’m guiding you in the Art of Being meditation. And not just in the morning meditation. My constant wish is to give you that which serves your personal journey by bringing you into friendship with all your inner experiences and feelings – the whole kaleidoscope – so that you don’t have to fight against yourself on your life journey. My personal creative passion is to design ways for you to heal whatever wounds you are carrying from your past and your childhood, to bring you reconciliation with your male and female nature, to awaken you into the magic of being totally present in your whole being, rather than just partially present; and through all of this to awaken you to the infinite mystery that makes such a difference to how you navigate your days and nights.

Speaking for myself, being connected with the infinite doesn’t cause me to run around trying to be holy in my daily life. What it does give me is a relaxed sense of trust that whatever is happening, it’s not necessarily up to me to figure it out and take control of. From the eternal perspective my whole life, like yours, is just a flash in the cosmic pan. We are here and gone in no time. For me the most awesome paradox in existence is to live every moment with my whole presence, letting everything matter knowing that it doesn’t matter at all. This enables me to go through difficult situations with the sense of humour that says, “Hey, this is not as serious as you are making it out to be.” I can be light and playful – except when I forget and wind myself up, stressing about how serious this is. And then a little bell rings and I remember. So when I feel like, “This isn’t where I want to be, need to be, should be, am supposed to be,” comes the recognition, “But I’m here. Ah, OK, let’s see!” And what do I do? I breathe out. I let go and breathe anew into being here now where, as my old master Osho used to say, I experience life not as a problem to be solved, but as a mystery to be lived.

So if it happens in a workshop that you are questioning whether this is really the right workshop for you: pay attention! You’re here. What brought you? What moved you to come? What are you here to learn? What is there for you to discover that is not according to your programme? And that matters so much, because our programmes are our prisons, and all the magic happens when we release ourselves from the agendas that run our lives.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas season, alan


Writing this the day before my final workshop of the year, and about to take my winter break, I’m devoting this newsletter to the major happenings of 2018 and just the first workshop of the year – BEING! – which is in any case such a special one that during the year I’ll be presenting it in Germany, England and the Czech Republic (where, please note, it is only open to Czech and Slovak residents).

You come to Body, Heart & Soul workshops to engage with your sexuality. You come to The Universal Experience because death, and/or letting go, are major personal themes for you. You come to Love, Sex and Shadows to deepen your intimate relationships. And BEING!? You come to this workshop because its theme is YOU – your life, your longings, your quests, your questions. And for 6 days I give YOU my total presence, and all I have learned and discovered these past 4 decades to guide you into whatever liberating, healing, heart-and-soul awakening experiences your needs and longings are seeking. All the processes, meditations, trance journeys and rituals, all the music and dancing, all the intimate connecting with others and with your own aloneness ­– they are all here, waiting in the wings, ready to serve you as the moment and the situation ask for them. And sometimes what you inspire originates here and now, an experience that never happened before, as new to me as it is to you, coming out of the mystery I serve and to which we all belong. Yes, BEING! is where the most unpredictable adventures happen, and it is all so that you can live your life happily, with vibrant presence and unwavering trust in the goodness of being YOU.

This is the final Art of Being Training that will be led by me personally all the way through (except for some of the morning meditations which are already excellently guided by your future Art of Being teachers). By the time the coming Training ends I’ll be coming up to my 77th birthday. For the past few years I’ve been making detailed notes and recordings for the benefit of the assistants I now begin coaching so that in the next decade they are ready to lead workshop sessions – and one day entire Art of Being workshops. Don’t worry! I’m in good health. I’m just looking after the future for you all. I do thrive on the energy I give to my work, and still, I am in the hands of the mystery I serve. One hopefully distant day it will call me home.

So all you Art of Being graduates, if it happens to be your aspiration, keep an eye on
THE NEW ART OF BEING TEACHER TRAINING that will begin some time in 2018 and will be guided by myself and Susann Pasztor, who, besides being my dearest friend, is the most talented person who ever trained with me. In recent years she has become my invaluable workshop ally and backup. She’s a more multi-faceted talent than you may know. She’s an artist (designer of The Art of Being logo), her third novel was riding high for weeks on Germany’s best-seller list, she’s a wonderful communicator and listener, a brilliant editor, and also the best translator I have ever had. Whatever your situation, if you are interested, send me an email with “New Teacher Training” in the subject header, or if you prefer to write in German, email to It will be helpful to us in designing the structure of the Training to know your preferences regarding the kind of time-frame and schedule that best works for you).

On The Art of Being website you can read all about the two options of this quite amazing experiential training – the second option is simply the first option plus the Body, Heart & Soul cycle of workshops for those who wish to travel the sexual-Tantric path. All I want to do is inspire you, if anything in you resonates with the Training description, to come and participate in
The 1st Circle : You and Your Personality – who serves whom? Or perhaps you’re already inspired by chatting with graduates of past Trainings. In any case, everybody is welcome to participate in the opening 6-day workshop that takes place in Germany next May 6-12. It is in itself a profoundly revelatory experience, and it gives you the opportunity to test the water, get a sense of other probable participants, and see if it is for you.

Our summer festival has become each year more delightful. Held always at the same fabulous venue, a wonderfully friendly hotel set in beautiful countryside meadows with its own lake, surrounding forest, indoor swimming pool and spa, and very pleasant accommodation options, it’s also easily accessible and, if you book early, has very affordable flight connections to Prague from most major European locations. And the festival itself? THIS REALLY IS MY GRAND FINALE! Yes, I hope a new team will take it on for 2019 and onwards, but for Irena – the organiser-par-excellence – and myself, it’s time to let go. So naturally, fabulous as it has become, we envision flying higher than ever. The 2018 festival – July 4-8 – is called HERE-NOW AND FOREVER! The line-up of workshop teachers and musicians is already good enough to fulfil our vision, and we’re still finding new stars to light up our festival sky. There’s only one reason not to be with us: that you waited too long to book, and found us sold out. It’s pretty well bound to happen, so… don’t wait; procrastination is never a good strategy!

And then there’s
HIGH ON LIFE, our transformational vacation on the Ionian island of Corfu, as always, in the last week of August (Aug 25 – Sep 1). We could not wish for a more sublime and magnificently situated retreat centre than Corfu Buddha Hall, and our 7 days and nights together are an exotic celebration of all that makes life beautiful in being you and among us all. Again, you can read the details on our website. Booking early gives you the best accommodation options whether you wish to stay at the centre or down by the sea in the charming little town of Arillas (there’s a shuttle service between Arillas and Buddha Hall).

LOVE AND THE SHADOW: a (non-residential) weekend workshop for couples and for singles seeking relationship who can come with a friend so that everyone can be in explorations with a partner.
Mar 9 - 11, London (Plough Studios, Clapham). Full details in the New Year Newsletter, or, after Dec 20, from the organiser, Adam Wilder:

Dates Event Venue Location Pricing Notes Registration
Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2018 Being! Haus Ebersberg central Germany €495 + food&accomm. Begins Monday 10.30am
(6 days)
+49(0) 176 477 471 80
Mar 23 – 25, 2018 The Universal Experience Gut Frohberg Germany €290 + food&accomm. Begins 10.30am Friday (3 days) Christiane
+49(0) 176 477 471 80
Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2018 Body, Heart & Soul One Waldhaus Centre Lützelflüh, Switzerland SFr995 + food&accomm. SFr694 Begins 10.30am Friday (7 days) Waldhaus Zentrum
Tel: +41 (0)34 461 0705
May 6 – 11, 2018 The 1st Circle of THE ART OF BEING TRAINING - open to everyone! Seminarhaus Sampurna Germany €460 + food&accomm. The begining of The Art of Being Training. Open to everyone! Christiane
+49(0) 176 477 471 80
May 17 – 21, 2018 Love, Sex and Shadows Schloss Glarisegg Switzerland SFr540 + food&accomm. For couples and friends who come as a pair Christiane
+49(0) 176 477 471 80
May 25 – 31, 2018 Being! Earth Spirit Centre, nr Glastonbury England £425 (£380 if booked in 2017) + food & accomm.   Meru
+44 (0)1304 448 580
Jun 22 – 29, 2018 Body, Heart & Soul Ecstasy (BHS2) Seminarhaus Parimal Gut Hübenthal, Germany €595 (€560 for trainees) + food&accomm.   Christiane
+49(0) 176 477 471 80
Jul 4 – 8, 2018 ***The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2018 hotel Luna (link in Czech only) less than an hour drive from Prague, Czech Republic CZK6700 + food&accomm. In English with Czech translation
Aug 25 – Sep 1, 2018 High on Life: a Tantric vacation in Corfu Corfu Buddha Hall Corfu, Greece please see the event page for details   Christiane
+49(0) 176 477 471 80

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